Rome. The taste of solidarity. In the heart of Garbatella district, the campaign “Pasto Sospeso” (“Pending meal”) is born. It is a good practice of mutualism and reception towards migrants in transit hosted by Baobab Experience and to all those living in poverty. Casetta Rossa, together with Erri De Luca Foundation, launches a campaign coming from the ancient Neapolitan custom of the “Suspended Coffee”. Chef Rubio and Erri De Luca launch the initiative.

Indeed, people in the Neapolitan cafè used to drink only one coffee but pay two, in order to offer the second to those coming later and unable to afford to pay it. During the current financial and employment crisis, this custom came back into use and from Naples it is now spreading to other Italian and European cities.

The idea is to convert this practice of solidarity and mutualism into a donated meal with the aim of contributing at improving life conditions of thousands of people transiting in Rome.

This is not the only Casetta Rossa initiative for migrants supported by Baobab Experience. In the past months, there were many collections of clothes and goods, as well as food distributions and activities such as bread-making workshops and Italian language courses.

On the 2th of February 2017, at Casetta Rossa, Erri De Luca and Chef Rubio present the “Pending meal”. Together, the cook and the writer will prepare a lunch.

The “Pending meal” consists in the possibility to offer one or more meals, about 5 euros each, through a direct donation at Casetta Rossa or via bank transfer.

Frase di Erri De luca

Il 2 febbraio 2017, presso Casetta Rossa, Erri De Luca e Chef Rubio hanno presentato l’iniziativa il ‘Pasto sospeso’. Il cuoco e lo scrittore si sono cimentati assieme nella preparazione di un pranzo.

Erri De Luca e Chef Rubio alla Casetta Rossa il 2 febbraio 2017

Il “Pasto Sospeso” consiste nella possibilità di offrire uno o più pasti, ognuno per il valore di 5 Euro, con donazione diretta presso Casetta Rossa o attraverso bonifico.